My thoughts on the TV shows I watched with my parents in the 90s

  1. Home Improvement
    Wilson was hands down the coolest guy on TV & Jonathan Taylor Thomas was an actual dreamboat <3
  2. The Nanny
    Re-watching and realizing that all of the sexual innuendos went right over your head...
  3. Family Matters
    Growing up in Chicago, this one was a personal favorite of mine especially that episode when Eddie Winslow sang Tender Kisses with Tracie Spencer.
  4. Dick Van Dyke Show
    Who doesn't love slapstick comedy routines and dinner parties that tend to include dancing and singing? Mel and Buddy >> everything.
  5. Step by Step
    It was like the Brady Bunch, but with more flannel.
  6. Andy Griffith Show
    Because we all had a secret thing for Sheriff Taylor and his guitar.
  7. Boy Meets World
    Mr. Feeny was one of the best life coaches on TV. Plus there are few friendships to rival Cory and Shawn.