1. "Yay for my cute presents and my cute self!"
  2. "I'm killing this pajama day this year!"
  3. "Let me make sure I have all the presents for all the munchkins."
  4. "OH SHIT. I forgot Winter's present!"
  5. "Winter is kind of a bitch."
  6. "What kind of a name is Winter anyway? It's a season!"
  7. "My kids are going to be named normal names like Peter and Anna."
  8. "Frozen time. More like "let's see who can sing that damned song the loudest" time."
  9. "I wonder if they'll notice that I'm sleeping during the movie. Too bad."
  10. "What time is it?...Its only 1:40?! HELP ME JESUS."
  11. "The bell. A sweeter noise has never been heard."