Current special educator. Unprofessional grownup.
  1. Age 3. Clown. I REALLY wanted to go to clown college, which apparently is a real thing.
  2. Age 7. Professional figure skater. Nancy Kerrigan was at the height of her career at this point. Kinda hard for a girl from New Orleans, but whatever. Dream big.
  3. Age 12. Marine biologist. Dolphin phase.
  4. Age 15. Musical theater-er. I totally thought that was going to happen. I was talented, kind of chubby, and hopeful. Then I went to college where dreams go to die.
  5. Age 18. Professional napper. After the death of my dream to star in Broadway, I was left with what I was good at. Napping.
  6. Age 20. Literally anything that made some kind of money.
  7. Age 23. Half day preschool teacher with a really hot husband who had a lucrative job who wanted to wait 2 or 3 years until we had babies, but wanted me to get used to a light work schedule to take care of our children and 2 dogs.
  8. Age 25. Back to professional napper or clown.