I'm about to make a movie about the intricacies of female friendship. They are, and have been, the most important relationships I have! These are the incredible women who are my best friends!
  1. GOOGIE @gokarrass
    Googs is a Derridian scholar, militant feminist, visual artist, and one of the most intelligent women I know. Her booksmarts are matched only by her emotional intelligence, which is leagues beyond most people's. She's courageous, never afraid to speak her mind, even if it's unpopular. She's emboldened me, entitled me to my own outrage, defended me against myself, and has, one numerous occasions, made me pee my pants.
  2. Here she is taking a selfie in mens boxers with a weird dick pocket, and a robe I brought back for her from Turkey this summer
  3. ISZY @iszy
    Isabel is a producer and future award winning romance novelist. She is scary smart, a true boss, and the most bookish person I know. You thought you were up on the Ferrante tip early? Iszy knew first. A Little Life? Iszy knew first. She has such unique taste in everything and forces me to take a second look at stuff which I often write off or overlook, like musicals, or Magic Mike.
  4. Here is Isz in a nutshell
  5. Emily is the funniest of my friends. She is also very, very brilliant. She's an art writer and works at a talent agency, where she's swiftly climbing the ranks. Soon she will be writing TV that you will all watch. The night we met and realized we shared a birthday, we knew we were destined to be. She knows the power of a good hug. The safest place in the world is in her arms, and definitely not on this pool table.
  6. Here is what she said to me last month after I felt very, very lonely and cried for two consecutive days
    She's the greatest
  7. GEORGIA @georgia
    Georgia is a future Dr., who works in a gene therapy lab at UCLA, reads Cyrillic, and also happens to be a classically trained cellist. She is always in a good mood, always positive, and chooses to see the good in all things. She's also a hip hop aficionado. It's so tight to have a pal who can analyze both the new Kanye record, and my microbiome.
  8. She is also a great bball player, as evidenced here, when she nailed this 3, last time we played "sunset hoops"
  9. Our gang
  10. LOLA
    Lola has been my best friend since my sophomore year of college. She is an incredible actress, a songwriter and singer. She has such a big heart, she loves the people in her life so hard. In NYC, we were neighbors. We played ping pong in the park before it got too cold to do it anymore. When I moved away to LA, we wrote letters, sent packages. But now she lives here for a while and I get to see her all the time, including this time, when we found a dick shaped cactus.
  11. Once we took a 30hr train together from New York to New Orleans for Jazz Fest.
  12. LILY
    Lily is more sister than friend. She is a rockstar (check out Lily McQueen!) and the best dancer I know. When my mama was sick, and I was swamped with my thesis, she'd crawl into my bed, sing me Big Star songs, and brush my hair. She lives in New York, and we only get to see one another a few times a year now, but nothing changes between us, ever. She's coming to visit at the end of the month, and I'm the most excited.
  13. She knows me better than anyone in the word as evidenced by the Patrick Ewing socks she bought me for xmas last year. Go Knicks
  14. AUDREY
    Aud is a filmmaker and stellar production designer. She's Dean Moriarty in Lauren Hutton's body. She's a 5th generation Californian, a true adventurer, the picture of spontaneity. It's as though she dropped in on us from a movie, or a novel.
  15. Here we are, when, last summer, we convinced these two Austrian strangers to drive up to Big Sur with us at 3am.
  16. Our gang
  17. FROOZ @frooozan
    It's very possible that many of you already know Frooz. She is a writer and director, mother to the greatest dogs on the planet, and has the most friends of anyone I know, because she is the most lovable, and the most loyal.
  18. As you can see she is the most enthusiastic person on planet earth. Here she is, dressed up as her idol, Freddie Mercury, the night we met and fell in love.
  19. MANDY
    Mandy is my oldest friend, my first best friend. She is studying to be a psychologist at Columbia. We've known each other since we were 9, and we've managed to evolve together, in and out of each other's lives, for the last 17 years. In the 8th grade, she'd take me to her house after school, play me Bollywood record as we had water fights in her back yard. She's always been an individual, and marches to the beat of an instrument you've probably never heard of but she knows you'll love.
  20. We share a DEEP mutual love of the film heavyweights and reference it at least 30 times, each time we speak. She is my Uncle Tony, and I am her new friend and counselor, Lars. Last year for my birthday she gave me this:
  21. MAMA
    This is my mother! She's the most special and beautiful woman on planet earth! She also made me! Go ma! She is a psychologist, and works at a women's clinic where she counsels women who have experienced domestic abuse and eating disorders, for next to no money. She has enabled every good thing in my life. She stressed education in a culture that stressed finding a husband; she pushed me to be independent, even if that meant I was far away from her; she made me the woman I am and I love her so.
  22. Here she is receiving her FOURTH degree! Isn't she a smokeshow????????
  23. Here she is scratching my head in her sleep.
  24. I am the luckiest gal ever, huh?