Why aren't you constantly and effusively affirming me?
  1. Haha
    This is obligatory, and you are actually communicating to me that what I said was not funny but that you feel bad for me and my stupid unfunny text. 3 ha's at bare minimum, caps preferred.
  2. Word
    K how's life over there in Bed Stuy? Honestly this reminds me of when 3 white dudes from my private high school in LA made their senior yearbook quotes "Spread love it's the Brooklyn way." Do better.
  3. Lol
    Similar to haha, unless this is in caps, or there are at least two consecutive lol's, I don't believe you think what I said was funny. Mixed feelings about this one making it out of AIM alive.
  4. K
    Are we in a middle school fight?
  5. kk
    Less offensive but also pretty sure I was at your 6th grade graduation, wherein permission to text this was henceforth officially denied
  6. Cool
    Shaka to you, too, motherfucker
  7. Nice
    Evidently, I am boring...
  8. :)
    Kill me
  9. ?
    The modern day "Go fuck yourself." What did I do to deserve this wordless reply?!!
    Suggested by @paulgale