1. Did I just send that email to the wrong person?
    Twice daily worry when dealing with clients
  2. Using an eyelash curler
    NOBODY SCARE ME while I am using this, okay?
  3. Spoilers
    Downton Abbey, Mad Men (RIP 🙏🏻), Game of Thrones, Homeland, GBBO. Please don't spoil it for me 😔
  4. Using Tinder in my hometown
    Why isn't there a 'we went to high school together' filter yet?
  5. The thought of losing my iPhone forever
    Or running out of battery in the middle of the day
  6. If my date doesn't read books for enjoyment
    Deal breaker.
  7. Forgetting a compact mirror while wearing bright lipstick
    Has it smudged all over my face yet?