1. It seems nearly impossible to place a deck of cards back in the box without tearing the box.
  2. For dudes who spit in the urinal before peeing, is it a warm-up routine? Do you feel cool?
  3. Audience and judges' reactions on reality TV talent shows seem misplaced.
  4. The two films I recently watched were Dunkirk and Atonement; two different interpretations of the beach during the battle of Dunkirk, in my opinion.
  5. I miss the time when sales calls didn't contact my cell phone.
  6. The connection and empathy portrayed in Sense8 is something everyone needs to see. Unfortunately, I believe many would overlook it due to some content.
  7. Why are my friends and family more concerned about my dating life than me?
  8. I bet Wishbone could solve more mysteries than scooby-doo.
  9. On Spotify, Release Radar > Discover Weekly
  10. I have no control when it comes to dark chocolate.
  11. Too many pets exist with unoriginal names.
  12. Everyone's profile on li.st is a list of lists.
    Obviously, but still.
  13. Why do rental cars come with two keys on the keychain?
    If you lose one, you lose both.
  14. White Hydro Flasks are significantly less douchey than white sunglasses.
    Okay, bye @li.st 😢