Inspired by many, of course.
  1. Eating Raw Onions
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Katy Perry
  4. Everclear
    Once, freshman year in college, was enough.
  5. Sleeping without a fan
  6. Dunkin Donuts' hesitation to give customers black coffee.
    "Are you sure you don't want one of our 100 flavored shots?"
  7. Dabbing
    Especially in choreography
  8. Sweet Tea
    Cut that sugar out!
  9. Watching concert videos on (or taken by) a smartphone.
  10. The word "aesthetic" being used as a fad.
  11. People that have the flashlight blink when they receive a text.
  12. Someone telling me how many steps they have taken throughout their day.
    Unless it's my Mema.
  13. Someone talking solely to fill the silence.
    In some moments, silence or music is therapeutic and relaxing.
  14. Voicemails from people I know.
    Unless it's an emergency.
  15. People standing right up against the baggage claim carousel.