Pictures that never made it to IG

For some reason I never posted these photos to Instagram and now I feel it's too late. My handle is @chaserd10
  1. Getting back to my car at the airport on a Sunday evening.
  2. Kisses from Bella
    The best kind of selfie.
  3. My favorite stoop in Philadelphia.
  4. Las Vegas strip
    November 2016
  5. St. Simmons Island
    Labor Day weekend with the roomies, 2016
  6. Dinner in my backyard
    Had my mom, work-mom and childhood 2nd parents over for dinner.
  7. The University of Georgia '14
    My parents and I under the Arch. They are divorced but still managed to match perfectly!
  8. A sunset lot with the Bloobies.
  9. The Bluecoats performing at Tanglewood.
    Home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
  10. DCI World Championship 2017
    Courtney is the best person on this planet.
  11. Atlanta. July 23, 2015
    Love this photo... except for the street lamp on the left.
  12. Friends came out to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago.
  13. My Mema volunteered to help serve food on the Bluecoats' food truck while I was instructing the members.