On my way to 27 Tuxes.
  1. Static
    I'll walk your grandmommy down the aisle.
  2. Static
    A pro at this point.
  3. Static
    I won't fight too hard for the garter.
  4. Static
  5. Static
    And I will still catch the garter.
  6. Static
    I'll help you get ready!
  7. Static
    I'll stand with my feet too turned out.
  8. Static
    Again, sorry - marching band.
  9. Static
    Boy Band covers with the bride and groom.
  10. Static
    Boy Band dancing.
  11. Static
    Smug-ass looks.
  12. Static
    Forced arch sock photos.
  13. Static
  14. Static
    You say jump and I will jump.
  15. Static
    The bride will feel beautiful after this look.
  16. Static
    Spinning a bridesmaid like a ballerina for our entrance.
  17. Static
    I'll come in with a group of friends ready to party.
  18. Static
    I'll get the dance floor started.
  19. Static
    Beyoncé moves.
  20. Static
    Choreography to "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
  21. Static
    Air Guitar.
  22. Static
    Dancing + Singing
  23. Static
    Dancing + Snapping + Face
  24. Static
    The dancing does not stop.
  25. Static
    All of this while sober, clearly.
  26. Static
    After party cigars.
  27. Static
    I'll "WOW" your kissing photo.