1. The Movielife- Has A Gambling Problem
  2. Trap Them- Darker Handcraft
  3. Rise and Fall- Our Circle Is Vicious
  4. Black Milk- If There's a Hell Below
  5. New Found Glory- Sticks and Stones
  6. Black Breath- Slaves Beyond Death
  7. Hopesfall- The Satellite Years
  8. Lapalux- Lustmore
  9. Shook Ones- Sixteen
  10. Small Brown Bike- Dead Reckoning
  11. Small Brown Bike- Our Own Wars
  12. Buried Alive- Last Rites
  13. Kendrick Lamar- Section 80
  14. Deftones- Deftones
  15. Turning Point- Discography
  16. Drake- Take Care
  17. Drake- Nothing Was The Same
  18. Trial- Are These Our Lives
  19. In My Eyes- Nothing To Hide
  20. 100 Demons- In The Eyes Of The Lord
  21. Sepultura- Arise
  22. Sepultura- Chaos AD
  23. Sepultura- Beneath The Remains
  24. Strife- In This Defiance
  25. Seoul- I Become A Shade
  26. Break Even- Young At Heart
  27. Break Even- The Brightside
  28. The Jealous Sound- A Gentle Reminder
  29. Neon Indian- Psychichasms
  30. Converge- Jane Doe
  31. Converge- No Heroes
  32. Converge- Petitioning The Empty Sky
  33. Converge- When Forever Comes Crashing
  34. The Black Atlantic- Reverence For Fallen Trees
  35. The Black Atlantic- Darkling, I Listen
  36. Third Eye Blind- Blue
  37. The First Step- What We Know
  38. Mogwai- Mr. Beast
  39. Juju Rogers- From the Life of a Good For Nothing