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And how it sounds when he says these words
  1. Duck
    Duck, pretty good
  2. Truck
    Duck, makes sense. That's a tough one.
  3. Dog
    Dohck. Can be confusing to the untrained ear.
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  1. It's not actually that hard
This guy needs new friends. The other two did not even look at him.
  1. Want to get some mangos?
  2. Should we get some mangos?
  3. You guys, mangos?
4 more...
  1. "Sounds like something those trendy people in LA would eat"
  2. "Looks like the corn is coming up."
  3. "New York City"
    Instead of just New York or 'the city.'
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  1. Perpend
    The vertical joint between two bricks. Usually filled with mortar
  2. Stretcher
    Brick laid flat with its long narrow side exposed
  3. Header
    Brick laid flat with its width exposed
7 more...
  1. Asking advice about Tile for a bathroom
  2. Asking advice about everything else for a bathroom
  3. Inquiring about health of ~30 other family members
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Did you know only 6% of their funding comes from the federal government?
  1. 8.
    Michigan Radio Travel Mug
    Pretty weak mug. Minimum pledge $120 or $10/month.
  2. 7.
    NPR Nerd T
    Public Radio Nerd, PRN? Couldn't have made it something that went NPR? Minimum pledge $180 or $15/month
  3. 6.
    Michigan Radio Bistro Mug
    Very oddly shaped mug. I don't live in Central Perk. Minimum pledge $60 or $5/month
5 more...
  1. Samoas
    TWO? No chance. Serving size at least one tray section, but usually one box.
  2. Thin Mints
    Four. Real serving size is one sleeve. This pattern goes for most GSC varieties.
  3. Almonds
    28g. Not even a full handful. Real serving size at least double
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Subaru Outback duh
  1. Diaper
    Contains diapers, wipes, change of clothes, blanket. For a baby.
  2. Patrol
    My fanny pack for ski patrol. Contains medical supplies and a radio.
  3. Backpack
    Contains spare cold weather clothing. Gloves, snow pants, hats, etc. Michigan.
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I had more but I can't remember them now.
  1. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
    Best drink in existence
  2. Butterbeer
  3. Arbor Red/Arbor Gold
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