Sorry, kind of rant-y.
  1. There's this stupid book by this stupid dude
  2. And I work at a library so I pick everything that looks interesting
    I'm very distractable
  3. He says a lot of stupid shit but he also explains the ways in which the news media works
    It's really not that difficult to grasp and he already repeats himself like a hundred times in the first few chapters.
  4. In our world of the 24/h news cycle internets, the media needs new stories to post about every second of the day
  5. So they take those stories from smaller websites
  6. Who get their information from smaller blogs
  7. Who have lower standards of journalistic integrity, fact-checking, etc.
  8. So some people like him can spread misinformation, or things that aren't true can be spread by accident since they get caught up in this news cycle
    Or viral through Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  9. And VERY FEW people end up fact checking these things because there are so many stories per day and they NEED people to click on them, and that's where click-baity titles and such come in, bc they need money from advertisers to run, blah blah blah.
  10. And now I can't stop seeing the bullshit news cycle everywhere I look!!
  11. On Twitter I see bullshit non-stories that everyone is spreading!
    Obviously not the important things like the actual news or essays.
  12. I keep thinking of when everyone was posting snarky articles about how Margot Robbie was lying about her age, because of something quoted from 2006
    And even if she was, who fucking cares?
  13. And Huffington Post (of all sites, lol) were the only ones who did ANY digging and found that the article was wrong, and there was loads more evidence that she is in fact the age she says.
  14. But like no one saw or spread that?
  15. It's just frustrating to be witnessing it constantly throughout the day.
  16. People are paid such little compensation to write for publications nowadays and they are incentivized to purposely mislead their audience through titles, regardless of the misinformation they're spreading
  17. And we can't escape it! Because this is the way the world works now.
  18. Sorry, I'll shut up. Gotta read 9 Celebrity Butts That You Can't Believe Are Real!!