The daily struggle to make it to work on time and the people that make the hour and a half commute that much better.
  1. The lady that stands at the top of the elevator, speaking in tongues and telling you that you're going to hell. She's fun times.
  2. The lady that stands at the exit of Metro Expo, trying to hand out pamphlets on how you need to be "saved". (Different from the lady referenced above).
  3. The pretentious USC student that holds all of his books in his hands instead of the empty backpack on his back. We get it. You pay beaucoup bucks to get educated. I'll take my Cal State education to my high-paying job.
  4. The Metro rider that uses the train as his personal office. As soon as the doors close, his laptop is out and he's showing the rest of the world what working looks like. Thank you, sir. I would have never known.
  5. The high school kids that come in, talking about homecoming/prom/how late their curfew is. They're adorable.
  6. The gentleman who comes in, crip walking to the music coming out of his Galaxy phone. Because the entire train car wants to be graced with the melodious sounds of E40 at 7:30 in the morning.
  7. The people that walk ever so slowly when they know full well that the train waits for no man. Or woman. You run the risk of being pushed to the side. Because ain't no one got time for that.
  8. The guy that talks to his girl about their personal business. Nobody needs to know that you owe child support and that you may not be able to make it for your weekend with them. And take the medication. That just sounds painful.