As a soil science field instructor for Multnomah County Outdoor School. We get around 120 sixth graders and 15 high school leaders a week.
  1. Build tarp shelters
    Oregon is a rainy place
  2. Be handed bags of dirt at any moment
    We plant a tree on the last day as part of a closing ceremony and I collect soil from the students to plant our tree in.
  3. Clean poop off the bathroom floor
    Continence is hard for some people
  4. Take a student to the bathroom and wait 30 minutes for him to take the only poop he'd taken all week
    It was the second to last day of our week and he'd been given some milk of magnesia earlier. Halfway through a lesson he came up to me and said "it's coming"
  5. Feel sleeping bags for urine
    So we can wash them. A worryingly large portion of my job has to do with bodily functions.
  6. Make daisy chains
  7. Tape dead animals to my colleague's door
    Like this great horned owlet. He's the Animals field instructor and shows students animals in various states of decomposition
  8. Console children crying because they don't want to be here
    On the first night
  9. Console children crying because they don't want to leave
    On the last day