Starbucks already serves an Oprah chai tea latte and a Marshawn Lynch beast mode frappuccino. I predict these future celebrity endorsements:
  1. Tila Tequila's double shot of love
    2 shots of espresso, 6 oz of tequila, 2 freeze-dried limes.
  2. Ice-T's iced tea
    Lightly sweetened iced mango tea.
  3. Coco Austin's hot cocoa
    Regular hot chocolate, but made with coconut milk. Order written on cup with lipstick.
  4. Dark Cuban
    Shark Tank's Mark Cuban teams up with Starbucks to rebrand its dark-roast coffee. Product is soon removed from catalogue after many accuse the Starbucks brand of cultural insensitivity.
  5. Posh Spice latte
    Victoria Beckham partners with Starbucks to bring you this $17 concoction--hazelnut syrup, shots of espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream, garnished with edible gold foil.
  6. The Al Pacino frappuccino
    Vanilla bean frappuccino drizzled with raspberry syrup to give the illusion of blood. "Say hello to my little friend" written on the cup.
  7. Pike Jonze
    Starbucks rebrands their Pike Place roasted coffee to promote Spike Jonze's next movie.
  8. Carmelo Macchiato
    Carmelo Anthony's puts a spin on Starbuck's classic caramel macchiato, by adding 45 cents to the price tag and "two pumps of love" to the product description.