Intro to Meme-Self

Found all these memes on my camera roll.
  1. Disney movies are bomb.
  2. I have a large space bubble.
  3. See above.
  4. Puns are life.
  5. I am a serial napper...especially if I am avoiding something!
  6. Sometimes I'm entirely too existential.
  7. I'm a procrastinating grad student!
  8. I can be insecure.
  9. This is about the extent of my Spanish language understanding.
  10. I just think this is funny.
  11. I am consistently running late for things.
  12. The grad program I am in is counseling.
  13. Carl Rogers is bae.
  14. My cat would make a terrible reindeer.
  15. I'm a little bottom heavy. But the kitties love it, amirite?
  16. I relate to this meme more than I'd like to admit.
  17. See insecurity meme above!
  18. I love research.
  19. I have a brother who I claim to hate sometimes...but I don't. He's the bees knees.
  20. Such an introvert who wants to save the world!