Not that old, I graduated in 2014
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  2. @allisonlantagne posted a about how college will be different than high school
    Her predictions were correct
  3. So I figured I'd hop on that train and help you naïve nuggets navigate college.
  5. During move in, let your mom be your mom
    You're gonna wanna look ~cool~ in front of your new friends but your moms still gonna make your bed. She has to cope with you leaving too so just let her live for these final moments before thanksgiving and Christmas break.
  6. Also call your mom
    Or dad. Or guardian. Or whoever is your parental figure in this situation. Call them twice a week and let them know how college is going. You're gonna be walking to class so take the 5 min to give a family member a call and make their day.
  7. Get supremely fucked up your first week of school
    Before class really starts so you have a few days to nurse your hangover and learn your limits so you know when to cut yourself off from then on in. Everyone has to learn the hard way
  8. Just do the dumb RA ice breaker game
    They worked really hard on it and either they a) hate it as much as you do but have to do it as a requirement, or b) really genuinely enjoy being an RA in which case be an adult and respect it.
  9. Get your work done
    The beauty of college is that unlike being in HS where you're in classes for 9ish hours a day is that you may have only one class for an hour a day and then a full week until the next one. Plenty of time to get your assignment/reading done for the week so fucking do it.
  10. Go to class.
    You/your parents/ SOMEONE is paying for you to go to class so show up. (See reasoning above if that doesn't make you go. ITS ONE HOUR A WEEK)
  11. The friends you make this year may not be your friends when you graduate
    It happens a lot. I don't speak to the majority of the people I met freshman year
  12. But if you get in an argument with friends be a god damn adult about it
    Take ownership if you're at fault and chill your ego. This isn't high school any more and as you get older through college you will realize how important it is to be an adult in altercations.
  13. Sleep when you can
    Meaning don't stay up every night on Netflix when you have 8 ams. Lack of sleep fucks with your skin.
  14. Go abroad
    If you can, do it. Best four months of my life.
  15. Keep an open mind
    To new experiences, other opinions, social options etc. Try shit out. Nothing in college is committal unless you want it to be
  16. Exercise
    Seriously. The freshman 15 does not fuck around. Some schools (like mine) offer exercise classes for credit if you can squeeze it in your schedule. Otherwise go spend 30 min 3x a week on the elliptical or treadmill at your campus gym. I literally used to wear leggings to class every day and I'd carry my sneakers and a tshirt in my bag and id go to the gym right from class.
  17. If you're allowed one unexcused absence a semester per class, plan it accordingly
    My school had a policy of that above so I would plan mine around the weather. I would save them for days towards the end of the semester when I knew it'd be warm out or in the middle of the winter when temperatures at my school would hit -10 wind chill.
  18. Carry a plastic shopping bag with you in your backpack
    I have been caught in a freak rainstorm countless times on my walk home from class. First thing I did was shove my Mac (even with the protector case on it) into a plastic shopping bag with the opening side down so that even if my backpack and I got soaked my computer was safe.
  19. Save all your important papers in an online drive or server.
    If your computer crashes all your projects are safe. In fact you can write them in google docs and then when you're ready to format and print transfer them to word so they are also safe online. Professors most of the time will give you an extension with a well written email but don't use this as a periodic excuse Bc soon they'll stop giving a shit.
  20. Get involved
    There are so many things to do on campus and if there is something that you wanna do that they don't have it's usually very easy to start a club. Or go Greek! I had a very unique experience being in a house no one would really expect me to be in and it helped me gain a lot of leadership roles. Rush is very non committal so you can just go to see what the houses look like inside if you want. Otherwise if you do join, you don't have to think about your college social life ever again.
  21. If you can get a part time job, do it.
    I had a few at school and it made my life a little easier. I was a brand ambassador for a food company and would spend 4 hours a weekend at a local supermarket sampling the food for customers. I was also a campus tour guide and loved every min of it. I had friends who were bar tenders, bakers, waitresses, telemarketers, ticket salesmen, and office administrators. Talk to your career services about this. Or if you are a graphic designer or photographer, freelance out on Craigslist.
  22. Communicate
    Like if you and your roommate have different lives/schedules/living habits, communicate about how you can coexist. Don't bottle those feelings Bc it will blow up later.
  23. Befriend someone with a car.
    Necessary. Unless you are going to like NYU.
  24. Go to office hours
    Get to know your professors. Check out what they're doing aside from teaching. Build relationships with them. My photo professor Doug Dubois did some cool shit aside from teaching us and his experience and insight helped me so much. (That's one of his photos! ☝🏻️)
  25. Get a (believable) fake/use an older siblings old id/ befriend someone over 21
    You get the picture.
  26. Keep your room clean
    It will keep a lot of arguments at bay and will also just make your life easier. Be an adult and keep your room clean.
  27. From @kfoleywellness: It's ok to change majors!! It's also okay to change colleges!!
    Note how fucking lazy I am that I didn't even want to retype this out. (My friend Tyler who's on this app went to school with me then transferred and he was much happier there so if you're not happy, explore your options! You're not chained to a school!)
    use technology to your advantage! Record the lectures on your phone and revert back to them for writing papers. If you use what the professor says (paraphrase so you're not plagiarizing plz) you're technically not wrong!
  29. don't take it too seriously.
    TAKE THE ACADEMIC STUFF SERIOUSLY. The rest tho, not so seriously. It's college not the end of the world.
  30. Enjoy yourself
    It goes fast.
  31. For the love of god do not get this poster