When wishing death is just a little too much
  1. Perpetual hangnail
  2. The zipper on your jeans never staying up
  3. Losing a thing and finding it after you need it
  4. Slow wifi
    Not no wifi, but slow wifi which is so much worse
  5. A phone cord that only charges when positioned at the correct degree
  6. Questionable milk
  7. The constant feeling of having to sneeze
  8. Having your phone autocorrect a simple word from the word you want to another word
  9. Squeaky shoe
  10. Shwooshy pants
    See: that Seinfeld episode with George and the suit
  11. A bandaid that is hanging on by one side
  12. Face mosquito bite
    Is it a zit? no but it sure looks like one and will probably scar from the ITCHINESS
  13. Coming in at the middle of a movie you haven't seen yet
  14. Itchy thumb
    On the print side. IT SUCKS OKAY?
  15. Remembering the EMBaRRASSING THING U DID
  16. Sand in your sneakers
  17. The thing you bit is too cold
    Sensi teeth in general
  18. Not remembering the word you need
  19. Food squeezing out the other end when you bite it
  20. Having to keep putting your phone upright to change it back to portrait view when lying down in bed
    Suggested by @_sarah
  21. Burning your tongue on food you were really excited to enjoy
    Suggested by @amyesi
  22. Every food you order at a restaurant is just slightly under the temperature you would like to enjoy it at
    Suggested by @libedon
  23. Getting in line behind someone who decides to write a check
    Every line, every time
    Suggested by @Iceprincess
  24. I hope that they get a pube stuck in their teeth every time they suck dick.
    Suggested by @rebeccamaepeter
  25. May your phone battery always be at 15% with no charger in sight so you're able to use it but scared to use it too much.
    Suggested by @libedon
  26. Washing your hands or dishes and getting a wet sleeve
  27. Poor hand dryer situation
  28. Getting a splinter
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  29. Sitting in something like chocolate or red wine or G U M
  30. Not enough likes on an Instagram
    I'm getting harsh