An ongoing list feel free to draw from it:
  1. Still by Seinabo Sey
    As heard recently on the season finale of New Girl. FEELS.
  2. All night - Beyonce
  3. Ravens Song - Aaron Embry
  4. Say Yes - Elliot Smith
    Really every Elliot Smith song featured in Good Will Hunting.
  5. So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional
    Makes me think of the end of summer
  6. Mine (Beyoncé Cover) - Third Eye Blind
  7. King of Yesterday - Jude
  8. She Has No Time - Keane
  9. If You Were Here - Carey Brothers
    Also Blue Eyes
  10. Angel - Jack Johnson
  11. Lucky Man - Verve Pipe
  12. Only Living Boy in NY - Simon and Garfunkel