Requested by @Lisa_Fav
Requested by @Lisa_Fav
  1. Sit down kiddies Bc I have a tale for you
    It's kinda long
  2. Some back story: all through college my big sister in my sorority always called me "45 minute Chelb"
  3. 45 min Chelb meant like no matter how much time I had to find a formal date
  4. I ALWAYS found my date in 45 minutes or less before we had to leave for formal
  5. I even once found my date while my friends and their dates were pregaming and my date was like "oh what should I wear?" And I sent him a pic of what anther guy ALREADY THERE was wearing.
  6. So my big sister (her name is Lindsey) was getting married October 3rd 2015 so I had about a year leading up to find a date.
    Throughout college my big didn't like me going stag to events which is why a date to the wedding was important. She wanted me to bring someone
  7. And I did find a date! My friend! So I told Lindsey which was great.
    This was about 4 months before the wedding.
  8. About a week before the wedding my date backs out for something understandable that is not necessary to relate to the story.
    Now I felt bad Bc she paid for my plate and my dates and now it's just me so I owed it to her. Also I'd be the only bridesmaid (oh yeah I was that too) with out a date and I didn't want to sit by myself.
  9. So I thought to myself ok no need to panic I can find a date in a week
  10. Except I couldn't
  11. So I resorted to tinder. I chose tinder over bumble Bc I wanted the guys to approach me about this if they were serious.
    In case you were wondering, yes, I did make my tinder bio "looking for a wedding date for this weekend, my date backed out last minute. No I'm not kidding, please be normal"
  12. I got some hits! But none of these guys would give up their dumb plans to come kick it with a complete stranger at a complete strangers wedding
    I don't understand my deal sounded so much cooler
  13. The day before the wedding were sitting in our hotel room while the bride was out picking up some food, I was telling another bridesmaid about it and I was hiding it from the bride because I didn't want to worry her the night before her wedding.
    The bridesmaid suggested I go on tinder and the mother of the bride did not seem happy about that and wanted to set me up with the grooms brother's friend who was "kind of my age" and I was like pass
  14. So around 5 pm I matched w this guy who well call Eric for the story.
  15. He immediately messaged me "wanna have some fun?" Which we all know is fuckboy for "wanna do it?" So I was like I'm gonna outsmart this guy and I was like "I'll do you one better, come to this wedding tomorrow as my date"
    And I was totally expecting him to be like ha ha ha what? But instead he responds "I'm short is that okay?" Which LOL so I was like how short and he told me 5'7 and I was like BRUH I'm 5'5 and my shoes will be off were good
  16. So at the rehearsal (LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING MIND YOU) I told Lindsey I got a date and she was like ha ha ha shut the fuck up and I was like no! I really did! My friend set me up with him at the last minute Bc he's in the area
    I later told her this was a lie but I didn't want her to worry for the night because it's her big day and she's such a mom it's hilarious so I guess I would just apologize later
  17. Fast forward to the next day at like 2, he rolls through, I give him a key to my hotel room ;) ;) ;) and was like nice to meet you! Go hang out! I'm gonna be upstairs getting ready so text me if you need but otherwise see ya in a few hours
    I texted my little who was showing up (also w a date) and was like here's a pic of my date go find him and sit w him at the ceremony please!
  18. Fast forward to after the ceremony and after my groomsman partner who was married and w child proceeded to excessively hit on me (and apparently tell the bride and groom how badly he wanted to do me he was so creepy and greasy guys)
    Another reason Im glad I brought a date!!!!!
  19. So after we totally hit it off, we were joking and talking and (my favorite) fucking w the guys on tinder who were just a little too late.
    In my defense some of them were douches so it was deserved.
  20. We also didn't like leave the dance floor, unless it was to go chug vodka cranberries and jack and cokes
    We were literally children with access to alcohol
  21. The brides grandma who I know personally asked us how many years we've been dating
    She guessed 6. We met 6 hours ago but ok Arlene!! That's how well we got along
  22. We made out
    Bow Chika wah wah
  23. So were sitting at the table and I turn to him and say "it's so funny that like all you wanted to do was sleep with me" and he looking genuinely confused, I elaborated "because you wrote 'wanna have some fun' which we all know is code for lets 👉🏻👌🏻"
    He goes "oh no! By that I meant like go to six flags or a concert" so now I am mortified
  24. But then we made out more! And he slept over!
    I wasn't gonna make him drive home at midnight after we were rly drunk that's not a cool date thing to do. Plus we had a really really good time so why not? We've stayed in touch
  25. We've seen each other a few times
    But stayed friends
  26. The moral of the story is: not everyone on Tinder is weird! Cool friendships can be made! Dates from tinder are fun because you really aren't committed to them for more than a few hours!
    But don't trust everyone because being a woman is still very scary
  27. I told Lindsey and my Jewish mom after
    Which is how we got to this story thanks to @Lisa_Fav
  28. Lindsey and I talked it out and it's fine.
  29. My mom went FULL Jewish mom on me. Like F U L L.
  30. I don't regret it.