So far...
  1. San Francisco State University Dorms
    Mary Park dorms aka an actual nightmare.
  2. Park Merced, San Francisco
    Not much of a step up from the previous living sitch.
  3. Noe Valley, San Francisco
    30th and Church to be exact. Great lil place with a backyard and hammock. Lived there with my first boyfriend and things didn't end well. We had two cats and methy neighbors. The J muni rattled our apartment whenever it turned the corner. I had a fake ID.
  4. Bernal Hill, SF
    Broke up with my boyfriend so I moved out while he hiked the John Muir Trail alone for like 2 months. I rented Annice's daughters room. A mouse lived in my closet. There was a big backyard and deck and fire pit. She used to ask me to buy her weed. We made apple sauce by scratch once but didn't hang out other than that because I was having a hard time. There was a real Picasso in the house dated on my birthday in the '60s.
  5. Madrid, Spain
    Studied abroad and lived with a host. She spoke zero English and I spoke zero Spanish. Had a French roommate named Charlotte and we'd sit in the bar downstairs and smoke cigarettes and drink bottles of tequila constantly. Our host was not stoked on that.
  6. Mission District, SF
    19th and Valencia. This was the time of my life. I had a studio apartment with a walk in closet all to myself between the ages of 22-25. I would sit on the bench across the street and eat grilled cheese sandwiches in my PJs and talk to everyone. I rode my bike all day everyday and my best friends lived within a 5 block radius. This was after the first tech boom and before the current one so the city was alive and artistic and back to its roots.
  7. Silverlake, Los Angeles
    I was living on and off between here and my parents house in Glendale for 3 years before moving to NY. Cool spot right by the reservoir for ungodly cheap rent. Pretty bummed someone else lives there now.
  8. DUMBO, Brooklyn
    Moved into a huge loft with a friend and slept in a birds nest in the living room. All our windows faced the East River which was just across the street. Hurricane Sandy hit a week after I moved in and our neighborhood flooded. Lived above Brooklyn Roasters so our place always smelled like coffee. Dumbo is weird - everything closes at 10pm.
  9. Little Italy, New York
    This was a weird Craigslist sitch. Lived with a couple who was charging me all of the rent. It was an old tenement building so our shower was in our kitchen. I worked at Lovely Day which was only a block away so I partied a lot and slept a lot. My roommates thought they had bed bugs so I moved out.
  10. Chinatown, New York
    Currently residing and have been for 2 years with my man friend. Cool neighborhood, lots of fun stuff popping up... But becoming a little TOO fun, especially for people who don't live in the hood. Our landlord is dope and I can walk anywhere. Our upstairs neighbor thinks he's Skrillex and 169 bar keeps me up most nights. We're buying a van to drive across the country in the fall and move back to LA.