Things I Have Described as "Everything"

in no particular order
  1. My favorite latte
    Starbucks grande soy no-water extra-hot chai
  2. This bird
  3. M&M's
  4. The new Harry Potter play/the fact that they are publishing the script
    (I stand by this one.)
  5. This face
  6. pretty much every Full Frontal with Samantha Bee episode
  7. When I got my snapchat filter to recognize my cat's face
  8. This amount of joy
  9. the replacement lightbulb in the bathroom
  10. das beer boot
  11. that random conspiracy theory about Louis Tomlinson's fake baby
  12. The insanity of "Making a Murderer"
  13. kittens
  14. MY kitties
    (probably the closest to true, for me)