1. Passing time on Christmas Eve
    When my sister and I were little, we decided to spin in circles all day Christmas Eve to pass the time until Christmas arrived. We hit about 25 minutes until both of us got sick
  2. When Santa ran out of puppies
    As every young child did, I asked for a puppy every Christmas. One year, I reached into the very toe of my stocking and found a note from Santa. He apologized, saying they were out of puppies this year but hoped this would make up for it. Cue my dad opening the bedroom door and revealing a pet cat. I was thrilled, but I proceeded to write my letters to Santa in July every year to make sure he never ran out.
  3. Sleepovers with siblings
    Up until about when I went to college, my brother, sister, and I would sleep in the same room every Christmas Eve night. Even when we were older, we would laugh and tell stories and stay up way too late, pretending to be kids again.
  4. Lamest/Best stockings ever
    We got ridiculously lame stocking stuffers, but now that I'm older, I appreciate and miss them. We were poor and mom was health-conscious. We only got sweet cereal at Christmas and vacation so they'd split a six-pack of mini boxes between us (Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, etc) and give us things like fruit, walnuts, candy, Christmas pencils and erasers.
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