There's a difference between your favorite movies, and the movies you're always ready to watch. Here are mine.
  1. Devil Wears Prada
    Two words: Meryl Streep. And six more: Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Anne Hathaway. It doesn't get better than that
  2. Stick It
    Because who doesn't love sassy gymnasts?
  3. Secondhand Lions
    Two eccentric old uncles raising a curious little boy. I want to have the adventures that happen in this movie.
  4. A Knight's Tale
    One of Heath Ledger's finest movies (in my opinion anyway). Who wouldn't love witty banter and rock-n-roll music set during the medieval period?
  5. Hitch
    Will Smith + Kevin James=Hilarious.
  6. Mona Lisa Smile
    My favorite of the many Julia Roberts movies, it has a number of budding stars and is one of the best mainstream portrayals of how female empowerment looks different for each individual.