In no particular order...
  2. Ron's voice breaking midway through Chamber of Secrets
  3. When Mr Malfoy says to the Weasley's at the Quidditch World Cup: "Well if it rains, at least you'll be the first to know"
  4. "Turn to page 394"
  5. When Gilderoy makes Harry's arm go floppy
  6. Harry and Myrtle's bath
  7. Harry's questions marks when he writes to Tom in the diary
  8. Harry's pincers, basically Harry the whole time he's on Felix Felicis
  9. "Dobby is freeeeeeee"
  10. Fred and George when they get into the Goblet of Fire ring
  11. Snape as Neville's boggart
  12. "We could be killed, or worse expelled"
  13. "Ooohh just with my voice, amazing!"
  14. When Filch thinks Harry killed Mrs Norris
  15. "Mornnninnngggg"
  16. "I didn't know you could read"
  17. Aunt Marge flying in the distance as Harry leaves the Dursleys
  18. "You foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach" followed by "that felt good" 👊🏼👊🏼