And I'm okay with liking her
  1. Taylor Swift is like mega awesome
  2. BILLIONS of tour guests aside Tay is actually pretty freakin powerful
  3. Her look is on point 24/7 and even when it's not she's okay with it
  4. Her cats are adorbs, even if that makes her a little crazy
  5. Yeah she's had all these relationships and sorry if you don't know what else to write about when you're a successful recording artist
  6. Her video clips have always been great, espesh the earlier country ones (e.g. Mine)
  7. 1989 is like so good it blows my mind every time I hear it
  8. Ryan Adams' one is also excellent
  9. Tay is just lovely and amazing and she should get a bit more credit like all the time
    Like really, all the time