Quotes or topics I enjoy, connect with, or overly identify with while listening to the podcast.
  1. "I leave parties because my feet are cold."
    Pete, 1:56 (Andy Samberg ep)
  2. "I enjoy what I do. God forbid. God forbid you don't love what you're doing. (Otherwise) what's the point? Go do something else."
    Nick Kroll, 1:25
  3. "And moment ruiner... I haven't peed at a urinal without looking at my phone since 1991. Thats crazy. Those moment should be for you, just appreciating the glory."
    Pete, 1:53 discussing phone addiction with Tig Notaro
  4. "I mainly think about what would happen around me... What would my husband do? I don't think about the afterlife; I don't think about where I go." "You think outwardly. You think about other people. How refreshing."
    Lennon Parham and Pete discussion death, 2:12
  5. "I was raised Catholic... The scary Jesus, bleeding... Take the man down. I come here every week and he's still there. You guys, it's just not nice. Seriously, I'm taking this down. It's the right thing to do. Is he still up there? You guys that's horrible. He is in pain, clearly.... So that's how I was raised."
    John Hamm, discussing religious upbringing, 1:33
  6. "As a comedian... my whole focus is talking about how ridiculous and absurd a human being's life is... It's totally absurd and nonsensical... And there are ways to embrace that that don't lead to nihilism."
    TJ Miller, discussing purpose and religion 0:57