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  1. ANYTHING to do with Starbucks red cups
  2. Donald Trump
  1. 1.
    PROS: Artistic. Cool outfits. Has two holes pierced in one ear and one hole in the other, which is like so edgy. Awesome room. // CONS: Hides junk food in her room, which is just a recipe for ants. Also, her sister sounds like a real drag.
  2. 2.
    PROS: Ballerina. Learned sign language for that one kid. Cool family. Seems cultured and classy. // CONS: Bff is Mallory. Come on, J-Dog. You deserve better.
  3. 3.
    Mary Anne
    PROS: Kind. Good handwriting. Responsible. Loyal. // CONS: Um, that hair cut and also I feel like she'd probably cry a lot.
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Fun Fact: I'm 28 and have never been trick-or-treating... and yet, I've dressed up for many a Halloween/Harvest Party. Here's a trip down memory lane...
  1. Pippi Longstocking, circa 1995. I was all about that girl.
  2. Several years without photos (all in Mom and Dad's vault) - Jasmine. An old lady - that was a repeat offender. Cowgirl.
  3. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, 2002. My friend Jess was the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.
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  1. @_tvan getting The List App
  1. Andy Samberg
    Saturday Night Live era. Multiple occurrences. We generally end up getting hitched.
  2. Tom Hanks
    One time. We were in a mansion. I feel like baseball might have been involved, but I could just be thinking of A League of Their Own.
  3. Aaron Rogers
    This one happened just the other day. In my dream, my Dad set us up. Not sure how Dad got his number. Woke up from the dream, fell back asleep, Aaron was back but then he turned into....
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  1. Girl looks crazy hobo chic
  2. How cute is her man?
  3. Ope... Not a fan of the face touching
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  1. 1.
    Me channeling Bob the Builder whilst wearing a 90's boy band mic
  2. 2.
    Me wondering who my real dad is
  3. 3.
    Me pretending to hold light fixtures during intermission at a @JoshGroban concert
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