Fun Fact: I'm 28 and have never been trick-or-treating... and yet, I've dressed up for many a Halloween/Harvest Party. Here's a trip down memory lane...
  1. Pippi Longstocking, circa 1995. I was all about that girl.
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  2. Several years without photos (all in Mom and Dad's vault) - Jasmine. An old lady - that was a repeat offender. Cowgirl.
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  3. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, 2002. My friend Jess was the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.
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  4. A Soccer Player, 2003. My friend Robert was a karate guy. I believe that's the technical term.
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  5. Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island, 2004. Here with The Skipper (my friend Ben) and Gilligan (my friend Corey).
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  6. The Color Pink, 2005. I was a rainbow with a bunch of college friends who rudely reminded me the bulk of the evening that pink isn't actually in the rainbow. Whatever, it's cool, I'm over it.
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  7. A Flapper, 2006. A personal fave. Here with my friend Abby, coincidentally dressed as Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island.
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  8. A Mime, 2008. My cousin Kelsey and I were "Peace and Quiet" - get it?
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  9. Princess Leia, 2009. Another favorite. Here with my friend Jenny, a Who from Whoville.
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  10. Dora the Explorer, 2010. Pre-contacts-wearer, so a bunch of people thought I was Velma. 💁
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  11. Super Chelsea, 2011. It was last minute. It worked.
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  12. The Statue of Liberty, 2012. Classy.
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  13. This year may be the year I come out of Halloween retirement AND actually trick-or-treat for the first time. Mark this day in your calendars, folks.
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