I didn't realize until I was done with this list that my brother gets a shout out in a third of the photos—only because he's my favorite sibling (I have six siblings).
  1. Coffee and Cigarettes
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    The drawing my brother made for our soon to be brother-in-law, Torin, for Hanukkah. It's a scene from Coffee and Cigarettes with the addition of Torin, eating a piece of pizza. My brother won Hanukkah that year.
  2. Secret whiskey tasting
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    When one of your good friends makes whiskey and does house calls = THE BEST. That night we were tasting the new rye that hasn't been released yet.
  3. Halloween
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    My brother always has a theme for his Halloween parties. A few years ago we were all dictators—I will never forget breakdancing as Stalin, circled by a group of people chanting, "Go Stalin! Go Stalin!"... Anyways, this past year the theme was snl characters. I crushed it.
  4. Oliver
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    My nephew. His ability to completely destroy an ice cream cone in a matter of minutes, well before his older brother, will always impress me.
  5. Prosecco
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    New Years: drunk, single and kissing a bottle of Prosecco. Not mad about it.
  6. Lucy
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    I was her summer nanny for a few years in college. She was terrified of swimming in the deep end or without an adult. This picture was the first time she actually jumped in alone—by the end of that summer, she was like an eel in the water. Proud moment.
  7. Octopie
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    Last year for thanksgiving, my brother asked me to bake a berry pie in addition to pumpkin. It seemed like a good day to stress out and cry, so I told him I would. I was hellbent on impressing everyone and making a really cool pie crust. This is what I came up with. Or probably found on Pintrest.
  8. Rafi
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    My Israeli friend I met while I was in Peru. He came to visit me in Denver once, and would not stop taking selfies. My priorities are as follows: coffee>selfies
  9. Lawrence
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    The stray dog I found on the street one night and took home. We both like to sleep in.