My oldest nephew turned four today. I've already cried once.
  1. Ditch my friends
    A lot.
  2. Joined a Mormon moms group.
    I am neither Mormon, nor a mother. This item could turn into an entirely separate list of it's own.
  3. Pretend to love hot wheels
    I don't.
  4. Let them eat 80% of my breakfast.
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    I call them the yogurt and granola mafia.
  5. Decline an invitation to study abroad for a summer.
    I would have missed the birth of my first nephew. Not an option.
  6. Condition them to think I bring surprises with me every time I see them.
    I do.
  7. Dance. Like an absolute clown.
    I love that they love our Billy Joel dance parties.
  8. Give up my Saturday night.
    Frequently. My sister and her husband deserve a life, too. And although my sister might trust other people with her kids, I don't.
  9. Wear tickle monster hands and run around the house making them scream.
    It's really the best.
  10. Clean up poop.
    A lot of it. Floor. Butts. Underwear. No place is safe.