1. It is actually 10 months.
    40 weeks. 4 weeks in a month. 40/4=10!! Not 9 as propaganda would make you believe. Not to mention it's common to go past their due date- which would make it even longer. Give the preggos credit!
  2. Sleep is an issue.
    For me I was practically narcoleptic. I came home and napped at lunch or right after work and then would still go to bed around 8 and sleep 10 hrs at night. But I've heard a lot of people become insomniacs. So just know however you are sleeping now- pregnancy messes with it.
  3. People will say the wrong thing.
    There is only one thing that it is acceptable to say to a pregnant person at any stage in the process. "You look great!" That should be said no matter how the person actually looks. Do not call a pregnant person huge, or tiny, or say they look tired. Repeat after me- you look great!!
  4. Touching the belly is weird.
    I think the best rule of thumb when it comes to belly touching is if the pregnant person is generally a "hugger" or not. If they are- touch away (preferably ask first). If not, avoid belly touching. If you do not know if the person is a hugger or not- you should probably not be touching their stomach.
  5. It's not real until it is.
    I loved feeling my baby kick and we talked to her while i was pregnant. But I still managed to be completely shocked that a real live human being was born at the end of it all! It's crazy and amazing and I love this little creature more than I ever could have imagined.