The following stress me out.
  1. Ears
    Perplexing because they are random. Your head is totally round and fine and then these alien shapes are protruding out. Also the inside has crazy grooves that looks like a labyrinth. Also earwax.
  2. Elbows
    Most because of the foreskin like skin when you extend your arm- I understand it's there so you can bend your arms to begin with but don't tell me you've never touched that wrinkly skin and thought- that's feels fucking weird.
  3. Pinky Toes
    Totally cute on babies, but on adults it's like the weird deformed cousin of the middle toes, and there is no logical explanation for how tiny the pinky toenail is. None. When I get a pedicure it looks like my pinky toes is a 4 year old trying to put on lipstick.
  4. Eyebrows
    Face caterpillars. Expensive to maintain. How does it only grow in one area?!
  5. All toes
    Add on to #3. I am not someone who is grossed out by feet I just think they're crazy looking. You can't perform many tasks with your toes like knitting or a game of checkers, so that's why fingers are not included with this list.
  6. Belly buttons
    A surprise sealed hole that is wrinkled.