Apologies for the delay in listing! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to watch more movies - at least 100 this year. Here's what I watched in May.
  1. Trainwreck
    I've seen this one before but I watched it with my mom because she had wanted to see it. She really liked it despite the nudity that I forgot was so prevalent.
  2. The Princess Bride
    Great movie, which I don't need to tell anyone. Buttercup is a dumb dumb.
  3. Stepmom
    👑 KWEENS 👑 if the last 15 minutes doesn't have you in a puddle of your own tears, you're heartless.
  4. Everything is Copy
    Interesting doc on someone I didn't know much about
  5. The Gal... Who Was in That Thing
    Fine. I preferred The Guy... Who Was in That Thing. Can I say that and still consider myself a feminist?
  6. This is 40
    Idk why I find this movie so funny but seriously, it just cracks me up.
  7. The Departed
    Watched this on a flight. Felt like it was very long for a boring and predictable ending.