Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. When I fell in love with podcasts
  2. When I started tidying my house every night before I went to bed
  3. When I started flossing regularly
  4. When I bought one of those plastic pill box things to keep track of my daily meds (birth control, vitamins, probiotic, acne med)
  5. When I could tell a college student to not make the same mistakes I did when I was their age
  6. When I started drinking multiple cups of coffee a day just to function but chose to give up Diet Coke because I finally realized it will probably kill me
  7. When I realized I couldn't drink even a quarter of the amount of alcohol I used to be able to without becoming violently ill
  8. When I started keeping bottles of wine in my home to have on hand "just in case"
  9. When I fell in love with coming home from work, cuddling on my couch, cross stitching and/or knitting, and watching HGTV until it was bed time
  10. When I realized I could be my own best friend and that hanging out with myself was actually really, really fun