I am in a long distance relationship and cannot have a pet in my apartment, so Katniss lives 4 hours away with my boyfriend 😢
  1. Her meow
    Katniss meows CONSTANTLY. If you respond to her meow with words, she keeps meowing, as if you are having a legitimate conversation. She also chirps occasionally, which is freaking adorable.
  2. Her constant need for cuddles
    Katniss loves to cuddle and be held like a baby. Case in point:
  3. Playing fetch
    I did not teach her to do this. Right after I got her, we were playing with a toy and she was getting annoying so I threw it into my kitchen. She chased after it and 5 seconds later, plopped on my bed and dropped it. She's been playing fetch ever since. It never get old.
  4. Her face
    Seriously. She is the cutest cat on earth.
  5. How chubby she is
    She is a fat, fluffy cat and I love it so much (she's healthy, don't worry or send your concerns, kitty body shamers are unwelcome here)
  6. How she looks when she sleeps
    I mean, come on. Look at that.
  7. Taking pictures of her doing stupid things
    She does them a lot and I like having photographic evidence. Like this one of her ready to catch up on Scandal.
  8. When we reunite and she clearly missed me 💕