Following a recent professional setback, I've been a bit hard on myself. When things like this happened in high school, my therapist would remind me of all my successes to prove that I'm not actually a failure. This is what I imagine she'd say to me today.
  1. You're the lead teacher of a popular, one-of-a-kind toddler program in Boston.
  2. You also make the curriculum for all the classes.
  3. And you're a lead teacher in the general childcare room.
  4. Your coworkers respect you, and they don't like anyone!
  5. Parents rely on you. Some will only bring their children in on the days you're working.
  6. And they'll hunt you down while you're innocently getting tea at 8:30am to make sure you're about to head in to the daycare.
  7. Some children cry if you're not there. They love you!
  8. The children talk about you at home! One child even sleep-talked about you. They name their pets and stuffed animals after you!
  9. So what if you didn't get accepted into that awesome teaching residency?
  10. You're already a kickass teacher.
  11. There is buzz in the Boston mommy groups about the program you teach.
  12. You're basically a child development expert and you're only 24.
  13. And you haven't given up on your dream of being a writer!
  14. You've published personal essays on @hellogiggles and Femsplain.
  15. And when you're ready, I'm sure you'll write again.
  16. Keep working on plan B, whether that be grad school or writing.
  17. You're doing fine.
  18. And you're absolutely not a failure.
  19. Now give me a high five!
  20. 🙏🏻