I thought my brothers were pretty great until I started watching Arrow. Then I realized they could be so much better.
  1. He straight-up murders people for her.
    I have two older brothers. One of them would never murder someone for me. The other brother is a bit of a wildcard, but I doubt he'd murder for me.
  2. He resurrects her.
    If someone stabbed me and doctors gave me a 0% chance of survival, my brothers would accept that and just be sad. They wouldn't carry me to a special Tibetan hot tub to restore my life.
  3. He trains her weird boyfriend to be a vigilante.
    If I dated someone like Roy, my brothers would just talk about him behind his back. They wouldn't invite him into their vigilante family.
  4. He invites her into his vigilante club.
    He was hesitant about this at first, be he eventually let her in. If I tried to enter my brothers' vigilante lair, they'd lie and say they're watching Hook. That's what they did when I tried to play with them when we were little because they know Hook scares me and I won't risk seeing a second of it. They would NEVER let me be a vigilante with them.
  5. He gives her a cute vigilante name.
    If, by some miracle, I got to join my brothers' vigilante club they wouldn't give me a cute nickname like Speedy. They'd call me Stinker or Crybaby or something negative.
  6. He trains with her.
    My family never exercises together! Sure, I don't like exercise, but I like to be invited.
  7. He moves in with her.
    I don't want my brothers to live with me, but that's not the point. They don't even visit me!