For many more gritty details, please read my recent piece on Feministing!
  1. I read The Game
    The "bible" of how to pick-up women and profit from their insecurities.
  2. I hated it.
  3. We end up meeting, and I hit it off with his girlfriend Ingrid.
    She's smart, funny, kind, strong, creative... unexpected.
  4. I start seeing Neil a lot more, and many many conversations about women ensue.
    Clearly I have an agenda to drag him over to the lady team.
  5. Assumptions start slowly fading away
    We might even care about similar things...
  6. Neil and Ingrid break up.
    I'm FURIOUS about the details. Were the media, feminists, and society at large right about him?
  7. Ingrid sincerely asks me to stay friends with him.
    So that he doesn't fall off the deep end.
  8. Neil goes to rehab, therapy, workshops, uncovers childhood wounds, reads every relationship book...
    Digs deeper into heartbreak, more than anyone I've ever known.
  9. His new book, The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, says it all.
    The level of honesty and vulnerability will blow your mind.
  10. Neil asks me to read an early version to get my "feminist take" on it...
    Surprisingly, I found that I couldn't judge it. We're all messed up. We're all human.
  11. Neil takes action to separate from his old life.
    Here's the photo of the funeral he gave for his pick-up artist alter ego, Style.
  12. He wins Ingrid back.
    I assure you that it wasn't easy. He honored the value of a woman by bettering himself.
  13. I see an opening, and I drive hard to the hoop for women.
    I set up phone calls and meetings for him with well-known feminist activists. I make sure he's armored with statistics and the integrated world of feminism.
  14. Neil asks me if he should have a prominent feminist interview him for his October book release...
    I'm like, YES!!! He's ready for it.
  15. I'm hoping that she asks, "Are you a feminist?"
    i.e. Should men and women have equal rights and opportunities?
  16. She doesn't publish his answer. Read my article and decide for yourself!