1. Weeding her parents' garden (that provided food) during the Great Depression.
  2. Comforting her husband's WWII nightmares in the middle of the night.
  3. Nursing her 1st & 2nd husband while they slowly died (of cancer that years later became very curable).
  4. Raising 2 boys as a single mother in the 1950s era, working full time to support them.
  5. Unable to apply for a credit card on her own (as a woman) until 1974.
  6. Knitting me a blanket with her arthritic hands.
  7. Cracking (funny) jokes about death and her aging, failing body
  8. Living longer than all her friends.
    She always said, "The hardest thing about growing old is seeing all your friends die off. Not all the pain your body is in." Dark, I know, but gives me perspective.
  9. Volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House until her dying day.
  10. I miss her. She never complained. I hope I don't waste a moment of life complaining.