1. Beautiful female
    There are many beautiful women in the world. Unless she's part Malaysian, part Icelandic, part Egyptian...she's not a unicorn.
  2. Your best friend
    I know you love her. I'm sure she's great.
  3. Stylish trendsetter
    Cool and unique taste in clothes just isn't unicorn level.
  4. A gay man
    Of course a gay man can be a unicorn, but it would just be silly, if all gay men were unicorns.
  5. Funny female
    There are a shit ton of funny women. Quirky doesn't cut it.
  6. Your soulmate/lover/boyfriend/spouse.
    So happy for you that you fell in love with someone really special. But please don't stress out single women anymore by equating your experience of finding him...to finding a fucking unicorn! Was it really that difficult?!?!
  7. She has crazy, colorful hair
    Wow, so crazy, no one is doing that these days.
  8. Any female friend that you like and admire a lot.
    I get it. The word is empowering, affirming, inspiring...I totally want to be a unicorn myself. I definitely overuse the 🦄 emoji. But we need to respect the word and commit to keeping its power. I don't want to live in a world of diluted unicorns.