1. Jim Halpert, The Office
    If you need me to explain this, you're doing life wrong.
  2. Woody, Toy Story
    An old school cowboy with a heart of gold and the voice of Tom Hanks. I feel like Woody would know how to treat a lady.
  3. Guy Patterson, That Thing You Do
    Marrying Guy would satisfy my girlish dream of marrying a serious, yet kind jazz musician. We would also be close friends with Tom Hanks and invite him over for dinner parties.
  4. Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables
    I was homeschooled, need I say more? Plus, anytime we fought, he would say "sorry" like only he can.
  5. Henry McCord, Madame Secretary
    My friends know that Henry is my all around dream guy. He's a smart religious scholar who isn't intimidated by his wife's powerful position as Secretary of State, because he's got his own thing going on. Also, in this scenario, I'd be the Secretary of State. Win/win.