A South Carolina meeting

  1. I work for a Drum Corps.
  2. This means I travel the country all summer long with 150 15-21 year olds.
  3. We stay at high schools, mostly in very small towns.
  4. We spent two days at Hartsville High school in Hartsville, SC.
  5. During our first day, two lovely local ladies stopped by and we start up a conversation.
  6. They. Were. Thrilled. So thrilled that we were in their town and at their local school. They could not stop gushing their love and support for all of us, despite not knowing a thing about us.
  7. The conversation shifted towards me and my life and by the end of it, I had found two very enthusiastic ladies about my upcoming wedding
  8. One of the ladies finished the conversation with this "I want you to call your mom, and tell her that you met two black ladies who love her even though they have never met her, love you, love your fiancé, and are praying for all of you because I can tell that you are so special. You just stick out and glow from all the rest"
  9. I thanked her profusely and gave both women large hugs, and encouraged them to go watch the rest of our rehearsal.
  10. The next day, I'm in the local Walmart when I hear my name called. Sure enough, it's one of my new best friends.
  11. She once again was overjoyed with my groups presence in her town and was so glad she ran in to me again.
  12. I gave her my business card to keep in touch, and another large hug.
  13. It's moments like these, during the times our country is having, that I am so grateful for my job and the opportunities it allows.
  14. I met two of the most wonderful ladies, and we were all able to share a little bit of ourselves with each other.
  15. ❤️