Long distance for a few more months, so weekend visits are where it's at.
  1. Dinner
    At Pasha Mediterranean Grill in San Antonio. His first time having Mediterranean food.
  2. The Christmas present he made sure to tell me he wants.
    We're old enough to get married, I promise.
  3. His first time experiencing the family group chat during #TGIT.
  4. Brunch
    IHOP and hot chocolate 😍
  5. The selfie he took when he stole my phone
  6. The picture he took of me at the McNay Art Museum.
  7. Last day lunch
    It's never too early for a margarita.
  8. The picture he took of the Christmas present I made sure to tell him I want.
    It's for adults. It really is.
  9. Custard break
  10. A fridge full of leftovers because all we do is eat out.
  11. Back to bed after dropping him at the airport early Monday morning.
    Yes I have a clock that projects the time on to my ceiling. It's my favorite piece of technology.