1. Vampire Diaries
    Just the original first four. Read these all over one weekend my freshman year of college. Always a good weekend when you spend it never leaving your room and reading nonstop.
  2. Vampire Academy
    I actually just read all 6 this past weekend while dog sitting for someone without cable. Needed something to do to pass the time. Totally right up my alley of sappy YA supernatural forbidden romance and adventure. Emphasis on forbidden romance.
  3. Twilight
    Yes, I know you see the trend. Perfect road trip books cause you don't really need to pay attention.
  4. The Mortal Instruments Series
    Another good road trip book. And they were cheap for my kindle so why not?
  5. Divergent series
    Okay these I liked till the end when I threw the book across the room. You know why.
  6. Okay. So they are all YA supernatural adventure romance fare, but if you take out the obvious weak link Twilight, then there are some pretty BA heroines here too.
  7. And they were enjoyable, easy reads.
    That yes, I read before I watched their tv or movie adaptations.
  8. Never feel ashamed of reading!
  9. 📚❤️📚❤️📚❤️