1. Stone Fox
    This was the first book I read on my own. I struggled to read on my own until this book in the first grade.
  2. Harry Potter
    I was able to read after Stone Fox, but it wasn't until my parents started reading the first Harry Potter that I developed the determination to read on my own. By the second grade I was reading all of Chamber of Secrets by myself, and was forever in love with reading. I wrote my college application essay on Harry Potter, it was that influential in my life.
  3. The Princess Diaries series
    I read the first one in fifth grade and a love was born. I have always secretly wanted to be a writer, and I always felt I would be able to write something like Mia's story. The most recent book in the series came out this summer and I just finished it and man it was wonderful.
  4. His Dark Materials trilogy
    The whole trilogy was a random Christmas gift from my grandpa, and 12 year old me was skeptical. I started The Golden Compass and Fell. In. Love. I couldn't put them down and read them a few times back to back. I haven't read them since, but mostly because I am afraid the magic won't be the same. Probably one of the best gifts I ever received from my late grandpa.
  5. Outlander
    I had not been reading much after graduating college and starting my job, when I saw the preview for the Starz show. Instantly intrigued, I immediately bought the ebook and read as fast as I could through the first 7. Work and life have gotten in the way of book 8, but this series has been the perfect early 20's obsession. (The too hot for words tv show is a glorious cherry on top)
  6. Star Girl
    From the first reading in middle school, to every time after, I will cry at the end. It was the first book where I cried when reading it, and I've always felt a special connection to it because of that.
  7. How to Read Literature Like a Professor
    I was pretty good at school, but I refused to believe authors had hidden meaning to EVERYTHING THEY EVER WROTE like my English teachers insisted. This lead to me hating analyzing anything, especially poems. This book was assigned reading during my junior year of high school and it changed me. Suddenly the house had landed on a witch, and I was surrounded by colorful munchkins. It's smart, funny, and informative. I now analyze as much as possible 👌