Because some shows are just too good for the general public, so the evil network execs cancel them.
  1. Pushing Daisies
    Lee Pace makes everything better. Case in point, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two.
  2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    Matt and Danny, a friendship for the ages. Also, Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are a dream team if I ever saw one.
  3. State of Affairs
    I will always like Katherine Heigl. Not even sorry. (Chris McKenna didn't hurt, either.)
  4. The New Normal
    Favorite TV couple. Ever.
  5. Trophy Wife
    Bradley Whitford, albeit sans Matthew Perry, but I think the rest of this stellar cast helped fill in the pieces.
  6. Forever
    I really wanted to see where this could go.
  7. Go on
    Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti. MATTHEW PERRY AND LAURA BENANTI.
  8. A to Z
    They were adorable, and the perfect Cristin Melioti deserved better after the horrible way HIMYM treated her.
  9. The Mindy Project
    Crying until Hulu saved the day. Thank you TV Gods, for Hulu and giving me more @mindy.