The Stemet family has had these traditions for as long as I can remember, and they are my favorite part of the holidays
  1. It all starts with the Christmas Eve dinner.
    I'm talking pork loin, potatoes, noodles, green beans, rolls, and so many desserts.
  2. Then the Christmas Eve service where we dress up and get a great family picture.
    This year we are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and I am STOKED.
  3. We go home, change in to the special Christmas pajamas, and watch A Christmas Story.
    We've probably been watching it all day anyways through the Tv marathons, but we'll put in the DVD and drink hot cocoa!
  4. Christmas morning!!!
  5. Even though there's no more Santa, I still close my eyes when passing the Christmas tree on the way upstairs Christmas morning so my sister and I can go downstairs and see everything together.
  6. We open the "Santa" gifts first.
    Every year the Santa gifts would be special presents in front of the tree with our stockings. Some wrapped and some already put together. Now it's usually movies we wanted and small lotions and candies in our stockings.
  7. Time for cinnamon rolls!
    A family friend always gives out homemade cinnamon rolls every year and we eat them while waiting for family arrive to continue the present opening.
  8. Now that all the family is here, commence present opening!
  9. As soon as the last present is opened, my parents begin the Christmas breakfast feast!
  10. We will have French toast
  11. Fresh squeezed orange juice
    And now that we are all of age, mimosas!
  12. And tons of bacon.
  13. I'm not kidding.
  14. Every year my family gets 4-8 lbs of bacon and we have a taste test
  15. Surprisingly, almost every year the Braums brand bacon wins.
    And if not Braums, it's usually something simple without any fancy seasonings.
  16. Clean up, shower, put on new clothes and
  18. The Warren Theatre in Wichita is where it's at Christmas Day.
  19. Come home, get back in those pjs, eat leftovers from the Christmas Eve dinner, and watch a new movie.
  20. Christmas complete.
  21. 🎄🎁☃