I don't even care about this movie except that I haven't been able to track it down since the day I watched it. Like getting a song stuck in your head only worse. Help me @list community. You're my only hope.
  1. It's a movie I watched at a church camp in the early 2000's.
  2. About a group of kids that go off on a ski trip or some sort of trip.
  3. But have flight issues and end up driving in a van.
  4. There's a scene where the guys are lighting their farts on fire.
    I was in middle school and that scene is burned in my brain like some traumatic experience.
  5. I want to say the main girl and guy ended up declaring their mutual interest in each other while on a plane?
  6. And there were mentos involved?
  7. Different movie?
  8. Was it even Christian message-y at all?
  9. Why was I watching it at church camp?
  10. Help!